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Sub Hunt skill level


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Sub Hunt is a challenging game with five difficulty levels. I haven't really played it since the 1980s but I remember level four being very hard and level five impossible. You can tell what level you're playing by the colour of the top harbour. Red is level three, blue is four, and black is five.


What difficulty level were you able to beat then or now?

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After remembering some of the techniques I would have used, Sub Hunt levels four and five are not as difficult as I thought. I only played a couple of times and got close to winning level five. I'm sure some of you have done it.



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This is a very underrated and misunderstood game. Most of the fun is developing the subtle strategies to beat it at the highest level.


I can beat the top level about 50% to 70% of the time. It comes down to luck in some cases. I've found the best way is to come at each armada moving as due west as possible, kill sonar before they are in range, take out the lead destroyer using just the over the horizon visuals and then IMMEDIATELY sink to the bottom and turn off engines. Then wait. The remaining destroyer will pound you with depth charges but he'll be blind and will usually not find you. Then, circle around and repeat. Once the two destroyers are gone, carefully pick off the remaining ships with the usual torpedo in the broadside idea. The trick is to not be greedy but to erode the convoy until completely sunk. Then do it again for the next one. You'll need to line your subs up fast in case your lead goes down, the remaining subs are right in line to continue to attack the convoys before reaching the north harbor.

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