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Ps2 Free Mcboot


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So let me clarify this but try to be short and concise.


Free McBoot is software that runs from the PS2 memory card. If you can either get it loaded on there OR have someone copy it for you, all you need is the PS2 Memory card loaded with Free McBoot. That works on both the fat and slim PS2s. I think there are a few odd models it won't work on, but I'm not 100% sure.


If you're wanting to load "backups" with Free McBoot, that can be done via the hard drive slot on a fat PS2, USB port on either model (uncertain about details), or even over the network (read about it but haven't done it).


EDIT - Sorry I should have added! I do have some experience with this. I'm not the best, but I will help as I can if you have more questions. (No promises >_<)

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I got Sega Rally Japan loaded on my NTSC PS2 using the Free MCBoot. I have a physical copy of the game. Sometimes the games can be loaded from DVD to HD, but if it doesn't work then I find the ISO and load it like that.

The PAL games will not work on NTSC systems, the screen will roll and the picture is in Black and White.

I'm using the FAT PS2.

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I don't necessarily want it for "saved backups" as much as for physical discs. Certain games that are hard and or impossible to get for ntsc systems .


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I haven't done any import loading, but it looks like you can't just boot physical discs with it. Something about the drive not accepting out of region discs regardless of how you go about it.


The only options to play out of region titles looks to be...

1. Hard mod like a chip

2. Swap trick (dunno the details)

3. Using Free McBoot combined with "ESR" to burn a modified copy

4. Importing a different region PS2


Every link I looked up showed those as the options. Thus... Free McBoot only works if you're willing to rip, patch, and then burn a new copy of the game.



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