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Looking for a 233 in 1 Multicart


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I know this isn't the marketplace but in the actual Odyssey section I wanted to test the waters on this one. I emailed the guy that was making them about 2 months ago and haven;t heard anything. I read up that they are not making them anymore but that he might be making an updated/revised one.


I was checking if anyone has one of these for sale out here in the group. I have seen pics of what it looks like and would absolutely love to have one of these!

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I sent a request to john at packrat the one that was making them in the past. It said to still send him a notice and that the response could be a couple of months or so at least away. This is what I found on the site. So I was hoping maybe someone has one for sale on here.


This is what his site says:


NOTE: With various 'life' issues, working on new projects (new games), and more, there is not a lot of time left to work on Packrat orders. That said, I don't want to close down Packrat for a while, so it stays open for now.
If you do not mind delays, from weeks to a month or two, go ahead and place an order. I can promise that the order will be filled, eventually.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! More games coming soon!


Under the order status section it says:


Packrat Order Status

To all reading this - my regular job is making it hard to get orders done, but doing the best I can. I will get to all orders, in time. Thank you!

Vectrex: Orders are behind by roughly 2 months, due to various 'life' issues (work + personal life, then Packrat). Patience, and your order will be completed, period.

O2/VP Multicart: There is a large backlog on this item. At this time, this item is also on hold, pending a hopefull update (to Rev. 3 [or whatever I end up calling it]), along with another possible option too. All orders will be filled in time. Thank you.

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Wow very cool to see the video! I have watched another video by the same guy that he talks more specifically about the 233 in 1 model. I would still love to get one if someone has one for sale. Hoping to find one out there or that Packrat starts the new revision he mentions on his site of them. His site says TBA-2018 but it looks like he is backlogged with a lot of projects.

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If one really wants the Switch driven 233-1, send me a note, and I can put one together. I don't officially sell them anymore, but I have a few partially assembled ones I could finish and sell.


As for the C7060 menu driven multi-cart, that is the one Packrat will be selling, with an updated game list on the cart. Rene has given me permission to sell his cart, using the C7061 name for this cart. I cannot give an ETA for now no when this will be for sale.



I saw the 213-in-1 for sale from Brazil, as far as I could tell. If this was not authorized by Rene, then it is a rip-off of his multi-cart.

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For anyone wondering, John is a 1st class guy. I ordered my O2 multicart from him a year or so ago. Maybe more. There was a waiting list and it took a little while (1.5-2 months? Don't remember). He kept me updated on the status, and eventhrew in a homebrew when the delay took a little longer than expected. The cart with the dip switches is top notch. I just got a voice module, but have not had a chance to try it out yet, so I am looking forward to testing it. Thank you again John!!

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