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Intellivision Football League 2018


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Armada wins 25-10. With three straight losses, the Bombers are out of the championship race.


With two weeks until the league championship game, here's the latest:
The Killbotz lead the Action Network with the Smash one game behind. These two teams will battle next week. The Killbotz can clinch their second straight Action Network title if they win. They also have a large tiebreaker, leading the league in points scored.
The Beamriders have an outside shot being two games out of first place with two games to play.
The Destroyers lead the Battle Network with the Deadly Dogs a half game behind, and the Spartans 1.5 games behind. The Deadly Dogs play the Spartans next week.
Both the Destroyers and Dogs have a tie in their record which could help one of them clinch the network over the Spartans.
Hang on fans, it's going to be interesting!
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The Bombers dominated the first three quarters and held a 23-9 lead.

The Mutants then scored 17 points in the 4th quarter to win 26-23!

That's the Mutants first home win all season, snapping their three game losing streak.

The Bombers have lost four in a row.

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The Smash shoot down the Armada 23-10.


That's it for season 5. See you Monday for INTV Bowl V!


Final season standings

SMASH 6 4 0
ARMADA 3 7 0
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Live from Bombers Stadium, it's INTV Bowl V: the Intellivision Football League championship game between the Killbotz and the Deadly Dogs!

This game features the Killbotz, who are the defending league champions and the two-time Action Network champions. They are playing much better this season than last season overall, earning a 7-3 record, but there is some concern over the current state of the team. They destroyed their opponents in the first half of this season with a five game win streak and scoring at least 29 points in each of those games. They've inexplicably collapsed in the second half, losing three out of five and giving up at least 22 points in each of those losses. They really have to pull it together today to win their second league championship.

On the other side is the Deadly Dogs, the fifth different Battle Network champion in five seasons. They come into the game with a 6-3-1 record and their defense is ranked 2nd in the league. They have won four of their last five with an improved offense in the second half of the season.

Can the Killbotz return to championship form, or will the Deadly Dogs defense dismantle them??? It should be a great game.

The Killbotz are warming up on the bright green turf. They are the home team, wearing their blue and orange uniforms. The Deadly Dogs will be wearing their road grey and whites. Kickoff is in around 30 minutes!

Follow the game live on twitter @intysports

The game will be on our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/intytube

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I really enjoy following this league. Is there any chance of expansion? Maybe the 2049'ers and Stalkers? 2 divisions of 6 teams would balance out for a 10 game season within the divisions, no more inter divisional play though unless the regular season was also expanded. Just some ideas.....lol

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Here's some more interesting stats:

Inter-network regular season records for the past 5 seasons

Mutants 6-3

Sharks/Laser Sharks 6-3

Bombers 6-3

Smash 5-4

Deadly Dogs 4-2

Armada 4-5

Spartans 4-5

Destroyers 3-6

Ghosts/Killbotz 2-4

Beamriders 2-7

Home teams this season: 15-34-2

Two teams were winless at home, 0-10 combined

Road teams this season: 33-14-2

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Being a stats nerd that I am, shouldn't the home and away games be equal in total games? In a 10 game season each team should have played a equal number of home games and road games of 5 each correct?

It's actually four home and four away, the inter-network weeks are not a fixed home or away. I choose the home and away based on past matchups. Like if two teams played each other before, I would swap the home and away teams because that game hasn't happened yet.

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That's what I love about this: even though it's a computer playing itself, it's crazy how it turns out with "good teams" and "bad teams" and winning streaks and losing streaks. It totally feels like a real league where you don't know what's going to happen or who's going to win it all. The fact that the Beamriders in the baseball league were in first place for FOUR YEARS is truly unbelievable.

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2018 Season Review

It's been an action packed fifth season! Let's break it down:


The defending league champs picked up where they left off last season with a dominating five game win streak to start. In that stretch they tied the record for most points in a game beating the Beamriders 53-19. By mid-season, they started to have glitches and lost three of their final five games. They still had the highest scoring offense in the league. Their first half performance was enough to keep them in first place and to get them their second straight Action Network Championship. They destroyed the Deadly Dogs in INTV Bowl V to repeat as league champions.


They looked really bad in their first few games, but they pulled it together and dominated the second half winning their last five out of six games scoring at least 22 points in those games. Their one loss near the end of the season was against the Killbotz, which killed the championship hopes of the Smash. It was still a good season for them, their second winning season in three years and having the best defense in the league.

Laser Sharks

Another team with a slow start and a big finish. They managed to get one of the first tie games in league history against the Mutants, but were still winless in their first four games. Like the Smash, they also won their last five out of six games, the one bad spot being a rare shutout by the Smash. Aside from that, they scored at least 23 points in each of their later games and had a strong defense. Another positive season for them since their dismal 2016.


They looked good in the first few games, but struggled since mid-season, losing six out of their last seven games and having the worst defense in the league. They have not had a winning record in five seasons.


Very inconsistent on both sides of the ball. Their offense was mostly good, running a lot of pass plays. Their defense led the league in interceptions but struggled to keep their opponents from scoring. A tie game and a couple of big wins were their only highlights of the season.

Deadly Dogs

They made noise in just the second game of the season with the first tied game in league history against the Destroyers. They had a good season after that, scoring a lot of points and only had a few bad games. They are the fifth different Battle Network Champion in five seasons. They were absolutely burned by the Killbotz defense in INTV Bowl V, but being network champions in the team's first three years is something to be proud of.


They were inconsistent all season, scoring 20+ points in some games while scoring 13 or less points in five other games. Still another positive season overall.


They had a rough first half, but ,managed to set league records for most points and biggest point margin in a game in a 56-3 destruction of the Bombers. But they were very inconsistent all season, couldn't even win back-to-back games. Looks like their INTV Bowl IV appearance last season was a fluke and they're back to their old ways.


Another inconsistent team. They recovered from their historic beatdown by the Spartans to get a three game win streak mid-season, only to nosedive into a four game losing streak with the lowest ranked offense to end the year. They have not had a winning season since winning INTV Bowl II in 2015.


A very disappointing season. They did manage to have the highest pass completion percentage in the league, but they are still ranked near the bottom on both offense and defense.

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