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BATMAN (Popeye Hack)

Jamcat Reloaded

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Here is a revision that uses the background graphics from KevinMos3's Popeye hack.


I really dig this project! I was not aware of KevinMos3's 32k Popeye hack, need to locate that. It shouldn't be too hard to swap out the music , if you could locate it in memory. How much memory is free in the 8k Popeye?

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There is a Popeye hack that works on the AFP... try this ...




If that works, then the Batman sprite hacks can be done with that one.

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How about making it into a BATMAN & ROBIN game (with a rotating villain for each level).  Batman could be depicted in blue, while Robin shows up (in this game) in red.  As for the rotating villains:  Purple may be used for Joker, gray for Penguin, green for Riddler, a darker bluish-purple for Catwoman, ... .  Try to have the Neal Hefti-composed theme programmed for inclusion.

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