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Civilization VI+expansions & Final Fantasy 15 Pocket coming


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This year too from the looks of it for both, definitely for Civ6.


The CIv6 story: https://nintendoeverything.com/civilization-vi-coming-to-nintendo-switch-on-november-16/

Not sure on price, has all the patches and improvements of the existing PC version and then scenario packs: Vikings, Poland, Australia, and Persia/Macedon Out 11/16



Here's the FF15 piece: https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-xv-pocket-edition-coming-to-ps4-xbox-one-1828874061

$30 game, pay once, not some chapter pay thing F2P deal from mobile.



I'd call this fantastic news scooping two notable franchise releases of this long standing age and caliber. Very awesome. I could see buying one if not both.

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Civ 6 was ported to iPad by Aspyr, probably in a way that allows them to port to other platforms.


It's a nice enough port, and I want to spend more time with it. Not sure if the Switch screen is big enough in handheld mode, but I guess one could play it on a computer monitor.


I love the idea of FFXV Pocket and insta-bought it on mobile ... I am the target audience for something like that, I want to see the story but don't want to lose my life to a 100-hour game. It's cool that it's coming to other platforms and I hope the concept catches on for other games. I personally would really like a cut-down Star Wars The Old Republic without all the MMO stuff, just single-player quests and role-playing, like the original Knights of the Old Republic. Cartoon chibi graphics would be fine with me.

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See I'm the same. I'm so fed up with bloated RPGs that just are big just to say they're big to sell them. I'm happy with a 10-40 hour game like that, not 50-100+ as it's draining. If this cut down game covers the story and gets it done in a smaller space while not losing the impact of the story I'm all in.


I think with the space allowed on Switch Civ6 should work out fine, but we'll just have to see, and if it's too much for 720p, perhaps 1080p on a TV will suit more.


The Star Wars idea is nice, kind of curious if they'd take the old KOTOR games they shoveled on Android and port that over. That would be insane. I waffled out of ever buying that on a touch panel thinking the control would be crap on my little phone or the shield tablet but on the Switch that could be fairly interesting.

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