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Dumbo's Flying Circus 4/4/83 WIP


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Hey guys. Just picked up some loaner cartridges, here is something interesting. A new WIP of Dumbo. Some things that I notice right away are the lack of sound and different title screen. The attract mode was still being implemented at this point as well. Movement is different from the final and other WIP version (5/5/83). There are some minor graphical differences too, like the bomb balloons. The balloons come up in different patterns too, and the levels are called acts. The scoring 10,000 to get PCN easter egg does not seem to be present either.








I also got an Atari loaner of Donkey Kong and Demon Attack. Of course, nothing interesting to see here, same as the retail releases.


I meant to take some pictures of the cartridges, that will have to wait until Sunday. Anyway, enjoy, and please share your findings :)





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No problem, ROM, and everyone else :)


I noticed in your latest collection, you added the former title 'Dumbo Flies Home' to the file name. Could you share any information about that?


The April 1983 issue of Creative Computing (pg. 21) lists the title as Dumbo Flies Home and mentions the title was announced by Walt Disney Telecommunications.

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