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Need a little help with an svideo mod


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Without looking at your mod or how you have it wired. I've seen this happen when i don't have the ground applied properly within the circuit.


Did you make the circuit all by hand or use a premade kit?


I think I've seen this when the resistance isn't quire right off the Luma signal. When I wire one up by hand or use a premade kit (I usually go premade), I'm to make it with variable resistors (Pots), or purchase the kit with them so I can dial it in specific to that console and TV I might be using it with.

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Did you make the s-video circuit yourself or buy a pre-built or build kit? Just trying to get an idea of what components you might have used. Also when I do s-video on the Genesis, I use the power and ground off the 1145 not because it is easier, but because I know those areas should be clean locations to pull those from.


Check all of your solder work to make sure something isn't bridging pings somewhere. Since you said the composite looks odd as well, I would start with checking everything around the 1145.

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