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Kepone's 3,000th post contest


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Time zones are going to screw me up, so I'll make it relative to the time of this post.


Off-topic in 12 hours time. That's 13/6 22:40 Perth time, 13/6 14:40 GMT/UTC and god only knows what it is in mountain summer time or whatever.

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It would be great but I have to wait till a decision is made.


Well your guess was the closest so you did win Ataridude. :D


I'll have to find time to pack up the 5200 and find a box and all. Then, you will have to pick up shipping. I'll get the exact cost of shipping and all when I get a chance. I'm really busy right now.


Congrats Ataridude. It was between you and Room 34 and your guess was closer..the forum didn't really matter as long as the time and date were close.


PM me for more info.



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