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Selling a used KayPro 8088 PC, *rare*


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So, I'm selling another one. This one is a 4-bay unit. While all of them have 4 bays, this one can actually have 4 external 5.25" bays. Comes with the following (copy / paste from my auction):





Hi! Thanks for looking! I'm selling my 8088 KayPro PC-10. This is a fairly rare one that I recently repaired. Most KayPro 8088 computers did not have all four 5.25" drives accessible as external drives. As you can see in this model, it has two floppy drives on the right, and a single hard drive on the bottom to the left. This one is also unique because it actually has an Intel 8088 processor, rather than an NEC V20 processor like most other KayPro models.
Here are the specifications for the computer:
  • 8088 Intel Processor on KayPro mainboard
  • KayPro Multifunction I/O card
  • 640k base, and 128k extended for RAM-DRIVE
  • 1 Serial Port / 1 Parallel Port
  • KayPro EGA Graphics Card (CHIPS chipset)
  • Seagate ST-251 RLL 32mb Hard Drive (Working!)
  • Dual 360k 5.25" Chinon Floppy Drives
  • DOS 3.21, and a couple of games installed
What you get:
  • Computer as shown in the pictures above
  • Power cable
Does not come with:
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!





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