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Moon Patrol - Arcade Sprite Hack (Call for Moon Buggy drivers!)


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This is a call for brave volunteers to patrol the lunar surface to protect the citizens against visiting riff raff.



Seen above is a sprite hack of the Atari 800 version ** to something more like the Arcade*, with all background and buggy character color matched to arcade screen shots.


The latest rom to try is here (not the same buggy, though that version is being developed, however the colors are the same.) **

MoonPatrol 02 5200.bin


How you are needed:

At current we are getting conflicting color reports...


... Altirra (Windows under Wine) is the larger image left and the small image to the lower right was taken from Atari800OSX.


Can someone please try the above image on real hardware and report your results/screen shots/pictures to the hacking thread?




There are more technical programming questions regarding this that can be found on this programming thread.


* Sprite hacks drawn and hacked by TIX. Technical research and color alters by DoctorClu.

** (there is a proto version of the 5200 with the above version due out today or tomorrow)

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Well work is being done by TIX, EnderDude, and myself. And really, the original message thread shows how to hack the rom if you want to make your own buggy, change color, etc. I really encourage customization.


As for the label, probably the original label will work, and now the gameplay will resemble the artwork more closely. ;)

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