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Portable IntyBASIC Development Environment


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I updated the documentation for tablets.  One major change is that I provide documentation to install wm2, which replaces all the tutorial text for twm and actually made the document a little shorter.  I also put in some more screenshots for fun.


I got this whole setup working on my phones as well, so I'm probably going to phase out the "Phones" document.  There are notes in the Musings about some changes on the radar, so I predict the two documents in the future will be based on what version of Android your device has.


Once there's a new release of jzintv using SDL2, I'll make the necessary changes and update this document again.

New Portable Development Environment - Tablet.pdf

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A little bit of a delay, because I was working on a frontend to launch jzintv without text-based scripts.  Once I had it working, I decided to expand it to include project development.


The result is two programs, one for "work" and one for "play".  I'm quite pleased with the result.  This is definitely a milestone.


Not only that, but since all those script files that you had to type by hand are no longer needed, I stripped them from the documentation, cutting it down in size to nearly half.  The remaining files that you create that are more than a few lines long are also available on my website, so you can just download them for your convenience.


I should also give thanks to @jenergy, who took the time to work on porting this to Windows.  I'll spend some time trying to make it into a stand-alone installable package before I release that port.




Graphical Portable Development Environment.PDF

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I forgot @jenergy and I put together a package of screenshots for all the commercial games, as an optional download.


This .zip file contains 127 .gif files.  The extra two are due to the two versions of Pac-Man and Lock & Chase, which are in the default Game List.  This archive does not contain a subfolder, so place it with your ROM image files and unzip it there.  PIDEjL should pick up the appropriate screenshot image when you select that game, provided the base filenames match.


You'll notice sometimes the window resizes itself.  Some of the screenshots I grabbed from my old Intellivision Library website, which I had taken using INTV2PC.  That emulator did not include the border in the screenshots, and so the pixel dimensions are slightly different.  Because the window is dynamic in size, it changes to conform to the size of the objects within it.


I was pretty quick to take the screenshots I took, and so they don't often do justice to the games they represent.  In particular, I had the Vučko easter egg activated for Thin Ice.  If anybody wants to help out by taking better screenshots, feel free to post what you have.  Just keep them as 320x200 .gif files, which is what jzintv creates.

Intellivision Screenshots.zip

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1 hour ago, First Spear said:

We just discovered an update on this. Great work!


Thanks.  Be sure to watch it in 4K, so you can read the instructions and follow along.


I'm trying to modify the video to either display only in 4K or make 4K the default.  At the very least I wish there was a way to share a link with a modifier to watch in 4K by default.

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