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lots of low price intellivision coleco atari and other stuff


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I have always wanted to buy the APF. But a tad too much for me.


Oh, you have the Adam keyboard. I just made an offer on it. I have one taken apart and need to figure how to reassemble. LOL!


I was pondering getting a Cassette Vision off of Yahoo Japan... how do you like it? It isn't very well know over in the states.


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remember 80% below asking price on anything but the nes lot (because I will get the full price sooner or later) and the pippin modem, with the only other exception being the 5200 games, those can all drop to half price

I will combine shipping, just offer on everything you want and I'll accept it and send an invoice

complete cassette vision games 4 dollars each!

truckin and safecraker for the intellivision 4 dollars swords and serpents with overlays 3, mind strike with overlays 3

20 odyssey 2 games for 10 bucks 9 for 5, rarer games like p t barnum for 3, 8 in box for 8! replace a bad od 2 keyboard for 3!

sega cd mounting bracket for 3

super mario bros for 2 bucks each


if you want to get into the totally different than a colecovision sord m5 I have a flash cart with the entire library available and I'd take a mere 30 for it

I just added some telstar arcade stuff including a largely working unit, the working system and cart I'll take 60 percent off the asking price (so 40 for the system 12 for the cart 2)

and the parts I will take a full 80% off what I"m asking

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