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Complete list of bAtari Kernels?


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I don't know of a comparative summary, but here's my answer:


Standard Kernel: One copy of each player graphic, each missile, and the ball may be displayed. The playfield is asynchronous and stored in RAM, making it easy to modify at runtime. Several kernel options are available, as are several minikernels that work with the standard kernel out of the box. No extra hardware needed.


Multisprite Kernel: One copy of player0, and up to 5 copies of the player1 graphic may be displayed. The missiles and ball are limited to a height of one line. The right half of the playfield is the same as the left half, either repeated or mirrored. The playfield is stored in ROM, so cannot be modified at runtime, but can have a higher vertical resolution than the standard kernel. Scrolling is impossible. No extra hardware needed.


DPC+ Kernel: One copy of player0, and up to 9 copies of the player1 graphic may be displayed, all of which may use multiple colors, and have twice the vertical resolution of the other kernels. The two missiles and the ball are the same as in the standard kernel. The playfield is asynchronous, and may have a high vertical resolution, and different colors and background colors on each line. The ROM size is always 32K, and you have 20K of this to use for code. This kernel is hardware-assisted, making use of an ARM coprocessor, so carts will need to use a Melody board or equivalent.


As always, the batari Basic reference gives details on these, as well as all other things bB.

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Minikernels are listed at the bottom of the minikernels section of the aforementioned bB reference. It doesn't list my new, shiny 4-players minikernel yet, though. ;)


I guess you haven't refreshed the page in recent days:


4scores Minikernel (by Karl G)


Minikernel Developer's Guide (by Karl G)

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