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Mega Man 11 is out today on Switch and


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I haven't had time to unwrap it, life has been hellish and too busy to exhaustion since last Wedneday. :\ I may crack it open yet or tomorrow. I've read a lot of nice things being said about it without ruining into things with reviews. I figured I'd see if others had any feelings or wanted just a thread to discuss tips or something like robot master order and all that as it comes along.

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Well suck is relative. You have multiple difficulties. There's one for total newb which is like elementary school easy. Then you have level 2 which is for someone who hasn't played Mega Man in years since the 80s/90s actively (I picked that, it's called casual and I don't care.) Then there's normal and a harder one over that. Casual has a push value of basically Mega Man 2 so far from what I can feel from it. I've dropped 2 of the 8 robot masters, random shot in the dark I did the one from the preview clips the block man guy, and then this bastard of a stage with bounce man (I think I hate that stage design with its rubber banding mechanics but the boss was entertaining.) The mid-bosses even on casual are hard, especially if you are just using the mega buster alone and same can be said with the robot masters too unless you have their classic weakness.


Perfect example that block man weapon I snapped on a random stroke of luck is made to punish bounce man the stage I did, and that weapon also has the same crush value on the mid-bosses. I learned this on the hard way as that stage has 2 of those, and the first I got mauled and barely finished (this big blow up robot frog with a little dude to kill inside) and it swings around, chucks balls when popped, and uses a tongue to also grab/body slam you. That 2nd go around I almost ate it, got pissed with little health left and whipped out the blocks and rained down hell in like a couple hits finishing the thing off. I did die on bounce man, tried the pop gun to small but ok effect to chip away but how he's all over the place it's hard to avoid, so 2nd go around getting beat up again I pulled out the blocks and that balloon got flattened fast. The game works, very well, as nice as old Mega Man 2 and the others since. There are cheap moments like the bounce stage where you get tossed easily into pits and other nasty stuff because of the environment far more than the other stages so it'll be a mix.


It like MM7 and later has the nice shop there. You can get permanent upgrades that'll help a mix of old and new like the item balancers, extra 1ups, extra E and now M & W tanks, extra calls for beat and eddie, and various others, yet still many blanked out so I guess they roll out as you go deeper. It's very smart of them using X for an instant call for the rush coil, helpful with some of the crappier jumps to skirt an issue.


I forgot it was coming out today until I saw an email about it and found it at my door when I got home this evening after doing kids afterschool stuff.

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