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Text too much in italic with multi-cart


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I just acquired a set of multi-cart cartridges (one from the US, the other from the UK) that I want to use with my french Vectrex.


Both have the same issue in the menu: game titles are sometimes so much in italic that they become barely visible/readable.

I guess it's not what the authors intended to do. Note that games look fine, and the problem is with text only.


Since there is the same issue with the 2 different cards, my interpretation is that there is a compatibility issue somewhere.


Did someone already experience such issue ?

Does it mean that Vectrex from different countries are not 100% compatible ?


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I have similar issues with nearly any game that uses text like this. But all of the released games with text look just fine and it big and straight. I only see this with smaller text being used. What adjustment is needed to correct for this and is there a specific game that is best to use for that adjustment? I can load up the diagnostics but all the screens on that look fine on my vectrex so I don't think that would be a good program to use for such an adjustment?

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It's not the cartridges, it's the Vectrex itself which needs adjustment.


Well, I didn't notice any issue with original games. The text is just fine.


We can see also on my picture that arrows are OK too. Only the text has an issue, and the smaller, the worse.


Does the Vectrex have a specific process for generating text, with for instance the usage of a line synchro signal (like on non vectorial CRTs) ?

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I was looking at a web page about Vectrex text generation: http://vectrex.malban.de/preliminary/a1c5ac89.html


It seems that the text is generated in raster mode, and that the way the bios does it is "vulnerable to vectrex drift, the longer the text the more 'italic' it gets".


Does anyone know how we can re-calibrate correctly the Vectrex for text generation ? Which part of the motherboard needs to be looked at ?

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