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Fall 2018 Knockout Tourney - Round 1 - Tutankham

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Fall 2018 Knockout Tournament

Round 1





Game Information

Game Name: Tutankham

Released by: Arcade: Konami 1982. CV: Parker Bros 1983.

Settings: Game/Skill 1

CV HSC High Score: Game/Skill 1 - 146,280 darthkur (8/2008 HSC 2).

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/tutankham%20manual.pdf


Round Ends: Monday October 15th at Noon


Rules are simple. Each week, the player with the lowest score is eliminated until one individual remains atop the carnage. Good Luck!


Final Tutankham Scores

1)192,640 sega_SHARK Record Breaker :-o

2)120,540 DuggerVideoGames

3)105,192 darthkur

4) 94,068 ed1475

5) 91,848 NCG

6) 83,820 jblenkle

7) 81,024 Leto27

8 ) 71,092 S.BAZ

9) 68,088 Ikrananka ELIMINATED




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Tutankham [skill 1]: 82,164 pts.


I probably should have read the manual first, but after several levels, I accidentally discovered that pressing the left and right fire buttons at the same time uses smart bombs that disposes of all enemies on the screen (the lamp indicates how many of them you have). With this knowledge, I figure I should do better next time I give it a try.


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Couldn't resist joining a knockout tournament but am expecting to get kicked out very early. Regardless, about time I got back to actually playing my beloved CV games.


Been a long time since I played Tutankham. Is this game hard or what????


After a few games the highest I've managed is to get 68,088. Need more practice that's for sure.


Playing via CoolCV and a real CV controller.


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