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Wired Switch Horipad - A great Pro Controller alternative


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I didn't see a thread dedicated to this so I figured I'd make one in case users aren't aware of this controller. I was at Target the other day picking up Mega Man 11 and saw that this Horipad was only $20. I was a little skeptical about the quality for the price, but I went ahead and grabbed it anyway. I mean, Hori is pretty trustworthy in my book.


I spent several hours with it the other night and found it to actually be quite solid. It's light yet sturdy, has snappy buttons and shoulder keys, smooth analog sticks, and a d-pad that's quite responsive. The d-pad is an odd design because it actually snaps off revealing four buttons underneath (similar to the separated Joy Con buttons, but larger). With this setup I assumed I'd end up pressing more than two directions at a time and I would have accuracy issues, but neither of those situations occurred in any of my testing. I was able to play fast paced shoot 'em ups just fine.


For those that have been sitting on the fence about the Pro Controller, you might want to look into this. It's a great accessory and really shouldn't be as good as it is for the price. A down side is that it's wired, but that doesn't bother me.



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