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Hori D-Pad Controller (JoyCon): I'm Diggin' It!


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One of my only complaints about the Switch is the left JoyCon's D-Pad, or lack thereof. I mainly play in portable mode, and a lot of the games I play on this thing are old-school Metroidvania-style games. After playing through Owlboy with the regular left JoyCon, I decided enough was enough and looked for a solution.


Enter the Hori D-Pad Controller (L).




These come in two flavors: a black Zelda-themed one and the red Mario-themed one you see here. I got the Mario one for two reasons: One, it breaks up the color of the all-gray Switch that I have, and Two, it's the only one I could find this past weekend in stock anywhere. :lol: I don't have any pics of it mounted on the Switch (for shame!) but I can tell you that it's a drastic improvement over using the directional nubs or the analog stick. The analog stick and shoulder buttons work great, and the - button and screenshot button work fine but are kinda gummy and not clicky like the stock Left JoyCon ones.


The controller itself does have a couple of drawbacks. There's no rumble feature, but the other side works well enough to compensate, so it's not a deal killer. Also, this controller only works in handheld mode. I do 99% of my Switch gaming in handheld mode, so it's not a problem for me, but it's something to keep in mind. I do have a charging controller handle kicking around somewhere that keeps the JoyCons charged when you play in docked mode, so I'll have to see if that works.


If you mostly play in handheld mode and are sick of using the analog sticks or the directional buttons, give this thing a shot!

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