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They really don't want you opening this thing up.


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So I had to go to the hardware store to get a ratchet driver to unscrew the bolts on my Odyssey 2. I have two of them, the one that doesn't work, and one that until recently, only partly worked. The problem was it was switching between channels 3 and 4. So I unscrewed the bolts when I got home from the hardware store, opened it up, cleaned the switch that toggles between 3 and 4. I set it to 4, but a way better picture quality was on 3. So I put it back to three. I put in a game with a title screen and it's been the same channel for 5 minutes now and no flipping back and forth. My question is: WHY NOT USE NORMAL SCREWS? Or is my problem the fact that I know next to nothing about tools?

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It could be "security" to discourage users from opening the console. It could be convenience because that's what the tooling in the factory was set up to use most efficiently. Maybe cost, those screws being cheaper. Possibly even regulatory - though I can't imagine why. Or maybe they had an endless supply of them.

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