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Composite Video Mods - Opinions


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I've just completed the basic composite video mod on my Odyessey 2, the one taking it straight from the main board, and am experiencing the dark image issues many others have. I've tried adjusting the Video Brightness via the onboard variable resistor but increasing the brightness just washes the image out and leads to instabilities (flickering). The best image I can get has grey instead of white.


So, I'm in the market to buy a composite video mod board and see that the two available are either the one from Retrofixes or the one from Turkey (coolretroprojects.com) the latter available via eBay.


Do you have any experience with either or both of these mods and what do you think of them?


Their circuits look to be very different with Retrofixes having two amplifiers, no electrolytic capacitors and a potentiometer. Whereas the Turkish one as a single amplifier, no potentiometer and lots of electrolytic capacitors. In fact the Turkish one looks very much like the SolarFox mod.



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I decided to go ahead and put together my own PCB designs for these two different mod circuits, allowing me to try out both mods for less than the price of buying one from someone else. I'll be ordering the PCBs and components next month and will be assembling and testing them after Christmas. These boards require removal of the RF unit as they are designed to be screwed onto the two posts that the RF unit uses. I'll also be using Molex connectors for the Input and Output headers.


The minimum order is three of each board so I'll be selling my spares, at cost, once testing is complete. I'll post more details here on AA at that time.


post-5757-0-71350500-1541518509_thumb.png post-5757-0-78403100-1541518514_thumb.png

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