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Aquarius on Maniac


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Maniac is a 10 episode mini-series that premiered on Netflix on September 21st, 2018. Although seemingly set in modern times, the technology in the show has an interesting retro (and often dystopian) aesthetic as discussed here.

Tonight I was watching Episode 9 and spotted an Aquarius Mini Expander and 4K Memory Cartridge! The image of the Mini Expander also has a second (unknown) cartridge and the tips of two controllers. A couple of pictures and a short clip are attached, and I'll include a little bit of additional information in spoiler text below.

The scene features two of the main characters dismantling the conscious and artificially intelligent computer named GRTA (Gertie) by pulling out two cartridges from a Mini Expander!

There seems to be another thread on AtariAge about Maniac, but I thought that it would be more fun to post this small detail in this forum.





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