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So I bought an X-Box at the game store a few days ago. I put the X-Box disc in and it wouldn't work. I went back to the store and said the game wouldn't work so they gave me another copy of it. I went back home and that didn't work either. I put in an audio CD I burned to make sure it worked at all. It worked. I put in a DVD, that "worked" (It said I needed an adapter for it to run.) But the games, nope. I don't know if I just got two really scratched up games and the lady there wasn't very knowledgeable about how to buffer and resurface a game, or if the X-Box really can't run any games at all. I have a few more days until the 7 day warranty is up, so I bought on eBay an X-Box game from my city. And if that doesn't work, then I'm returning it. Granted, I'll only get store credit, but that's where I shop the most anyway.

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