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PRGE 2018 Media and Fan Event Coverage - Please Post Your Content

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Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018 will soon be upon us. This thread is an invitation to all you website authors, bloggers, YouTube creators, and Instagram users to post your content in this topic, for the benefit of those of us who can't attend the show this year. It will be great to see your content!


Please help out your fellow Atari Age members who can't make it to the show this year. Have fun at PRGE!



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This afternoon at 3pm PDT (6pm EST) Intellivision Productions will be live streaming the reveal of their new console at PRGE 2018! The presentation will be show on Facebook live, but will also be made available on their YouTube channel on Monday.



Intellivision @ Portland Retro Gaming Expo!
Our epic weekend in Portland has begun! We look forward to seeing all our Intellivision fans, as well as making new ones! Don't miss our Keynote Address Saturday at 3:00pm PDT where the future of Intellivision and the brand new console will be revealed!
GOOD NEWS..... If you are not here in Portland, you can watch our Keynote Address on Facebook Live! Click below for our Facebook page and tune in at 3:00pm PDT to watch!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ycBH0-kgp8kDqU_yfAHKw - Intellivision Official YouTube Channel.
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These two setup/starters are courtesy of Champ Games via Facebook:


Brothers Champeau between 2600 WoW Arcade:




2600 Mappy and half+ of 7800 Froggie, additional AA setup in the background (Including Edladdin joystick):






I want the Dungeon and WoW posters! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks to TPR, a few captures of the CollectorVision Phoenix console prototype in action & Sydney Hunter (Curse of the Mayan):


attachicon.gifCollectorVision_Phoenix_Prototype_Console_Sydney Hunter-1.jpg

attachicon.gifCollectorVision_Phoenix_Prototype_Console_Sydney Hunter-2.jpg

attachicon.gifCollectorVision_Phoenix_Prototype_Console_Sydney Hunter-3.jpg


Posted to the AtariAge Facebook group, an Atari 5200 Kiosk albeit non-working; to the right a partial capture of the Arcade game War Gods:



How did I miss the 5200 Kiosk!!?? WHERE was this?

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