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Room of Doom (odyssey 2 port)


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For those who don't read my blog, I've started work on a "port" of the Atari 2600 Commavid game "Room of Doom." Right now I have a guy, the guys at the edge of the wall, and a dinosaur enemy (I've replaced Mr. Dinosaur with an alien. Why? I don't want to have to flip the sprites.) The guy can move and shoot in four directions instead of 8. One of the reasons why is because while playing the 2600 version I often shot diagonally when I meant to shoot straight. And the diagonal shots hardly would ever hit a guy anyway.


So I have plans for the code for wall guy hit detection and which wall guy would shoot. It would pick a guy at random and if he was gone, then move to the next one, etc. But I don't think I can make a different room size though, since the grid is kind of limited in how it can be drawn. So anyway, this is what I have so far. It is 800 bytes, so I have about 1,200 bytes left. What do you think so far? Should I keep going?



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I came back to this. Finally got the game working on real hardware. There is a bug, though: Sometimes the bottom people can still shoot even though they're not there. I don't know why. I made them so they all can shoot, but only one shot is fired by a "random" man who is there (except, of course, the bug.) The object is to get the highest score without being shot at 3 times. I still have work to do though: I need to add in a break for each life lost, a game over thing, and something else I've forgotten.


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Looks pretty cool to me. It reminds me of a cross between the arcade game Berzerk and the Apple ][ game Crossfire.


It would be really cool if you could fire with the second joystick like in Robotron or the VP+ game Flashpoint. If there is room for more features, maybe adding an enemy who appears every so often (either at random or if you are taking too long on the level - like Berzerk's Evil Otto) which chases you without shooting at you, but that you can destroy (unlike Evil Otto).


I'm always impressed with your creations. Thanks for another neat homebrew!

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