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Hi, I'm trying to make an initial melody and some sound effects for my game.
In this page:



I've read that you use chipper, but the download link does not work.

Does any of you have this program?
Alternatively, can you recommend some other program and tell me where to find it?
Thank you

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Hi, I checked and they are there, but you need to download the older version: "Lynx Chip Editor (beta v1.7.6).", the new one has not been released. I would also download the "Christmas Release: HiColor Slideshow Builder" that contains chipper with some more example songs and sounds.


Good luck! Chipper can look intimidating at first, but if you find some general documentation about how trackers work, it's the fastest and easiest way to create music for the lynx. Other than that I think Karris abc music might be easier if the chipper learning curve is too steep at first. There's links and documentation for abc music here as well: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/256753-atari-lynx-programming-tools-and-tutorials-wip/

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The info is really spread out on these forums, but here's a couple of notes to get you started:


You can look past all the windows and menus and diagrams and focus on the really simple stuff and the main tracker window.

1. Eye through some tracker basics: http://wiki.openmpt.org/Manual:_Basics
2. In every row of every column there's three cells where you can put in:
- CELL1: the number of the simple instrument you're going to use for that note. (This is really smart 'cause you can get a lot of stuff done with only four channels).
- CELL2: the note or nothing (a pause)
- CELL3: the part of the song in the playlist (if I remembercorrectly)
3. The simple instrument is for creating sounds but there's already some good sounds in the insts folder
4. There's some really great songs in the demosongs folder to look at too.

*Note you put in the notes with the keyboard (I was clicking aroung with the mouse for much longer than I care to admit) :P


I'm in the middle of a Lynx project right now, but hopefully I will have the time to add a small "chipper basics" tutorial with images here on the AA forums as soon as possible.

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I have published a few chipper instruments on my whitelynx.fi site. There is a lot more instruments I could publish but the downside is that every game starts sounding the same if we all use the same sounds. Perhaps the best solution would be to slightly tweak the sounds before using them.


If you look at Chicken dance on my site the B-part with the slightly out-of-tune orchestra. It is actually just a single note melody.

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Hi there,


Been reading everything available for Chipper (thanx to all of you taking time to put these things together). Nevertheless I'm still unable to get something out of Chipper. I've been playing a little with trackers on Atari St, Amiga and even Oric (sonix from Twilighte) but I'm facing hard times with Chipper. ;)


Sorry for "well I guess I'm too stupid to do it" but I've tried differents ways but none works. I'm able to fill in the Cell 1/2/3 etc with what's necessary but it seems I'm facing some problems with the instruments stuff. I would like to use some "preset" instruments but how to listen to them? How to assign an instrument to on-going project? If I try to assign some pre-existing instrument to a simple instrument "instr1" through "load instrument", I have no way to check which instrument it is. Furthermore if I hit play on the "simple instrument" window it's kinda weird sound coming out and no way to have something correct when the track is played.


So anyplace where I could find some help on this one? (as said before I've already been reading Turbo Laser Lynx 'getting started' and the Chipper threads...).

Thanks to anyone which could help me on this one ;)

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Also possibly worth noting: the play button often bugs out (at least for me), so I have to change back and forth between two sounds in the drop down list to make it work again.


Play button never works for me, but I use the keyboard to play the instruments at different notes. W key should be a nice D4 (or D5 can't remember now) on the +0 octave.

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I faced an issue with Chipper.



Also I noticed Chipper uses Windows 95 "file selector". Would be cool to have a bit newer one.



Also "Simple Intrument"-->"Play" button doesn't work. I have to check/uncheck "Tremolo/Envelope" to hear any sound.

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I try to do something in Chipper but with half-success. I tried to use ie. vibratos and slides, and alright, they work under Chipper itself but after exporting for BS/TC driver, they disapperar. Is it me, or is there any way to turn then on. Also, is there any way to make the music loop?


Attached some example. Please forgive some notes off. It was very fast RMT-import.


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It happened to me too, some complex combinations of parameters don't play anything on real hw.


I don't have time to learn all the potentiality of chipper now, so for the moment I use only simple notes changing only frequency and length.


To make an infinite loop you have to edit the export file and add


DO 0


at the beginning of the loop, and




at the end.


I suppose it's possible to loop only N times changing the 0 value with the number of loops you want, but never tried.



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On 8/11/2019 at 9:33 PM, miker said:


Attached some example. Please forgive some notes off. It was very fast RMT-import.

telephone3.lcp.zip 2.92 kB · 2 downloads

It sounds great! :music: I like the sounds a lot.



Btw. is there any other new/more working version of Chipper than


Not to my knowledge at least. Sage mentions v.2.0 on his page, but I don't know if it will be released:


I also checked out some of your soundcloud songs, great stuff! I especially liked Hall of Rabarbadon so far :thumbsup: :music:

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