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2018 - 2019 7800 HSC Season Round 2: GET LOST!


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2018 - 2019 7800 HSC Season Round 2



Settings: Default

Contest Ends Midnight (PST)

November 11th 2018

In this round we are playing a game that has not been released on cartridge yet but is a complete game all the same(minus a sound track but use your own)

we will score this using the following formula:

Loot: the amount of loot you acquire

Deaths: if there is a tie in the loot number then number of deaths will be used as a deciding factor

Time: if both Loot and Death match (highly unlikely) then the time will be looked upon as the deciding factor


Since there is no difficulty levels in this game then the bonus will be as follows:

collect 25 loot without a death and you will get 11 points bonus

there will not be a decrementing bonus value..you all should be able to collect 25 loot with no deaths...time does not matter

post a screenshot and you will get the bonus points


For those using the rom from Trebor's latest pro pack release you will need to press the console reset button at the title screen to choose a game slot then press a fire button to start the game.


For the Challenges both players will have to pick and agree upon a game to play.


Before you ask no I do not know how many gems (loot) there is to collect to win the game.

If you do beat the game a screenshot will award you 25 extra points to your current standings score.

Current Scores

NIKON 45 loot +25

toiletunes 39 loot +24

Dr Moocowz 25 loot +23

atomickneedrop 22 loot +22

Gorfy 14 loot +21

oyamafamily 13 loot +20

S.BAZ 9 loot +19


Bonus Scores:

NIKON 25 Loot 0 Deaths +11 Points


Challenge Scores:

NIKON Challenges S.BAZ for 2 points

NIKON 7800 +4

S.BAZ 1600


Current Standings:


Dr Moocowz 60

toiletunes 60

oyamafamily 44

atomickneedrop 43

Jin 36

S.BAZ 36

LidLikesIntellivision 36

BydoEmpire 27

troff 17

Mangia-Boy 15

Gorfy 14

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I can't seem to get this game to play. Just a title screen. I hit reset and then pressed buttons and still nothing.

Are you using emulation?

If you are then hitting the reset button for the emulation program just resets the program....you have to use the button you assigned for the console reset button.

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I would like to challenge LidLikesIntellivision to a game of Pac-Man Collection (Pac-Man/Plus On/Fast On/3 Lives/Cola Can Start) -- for 5 points !!

4. If the current game does not have difficulty levels then I will leave it up to the players to decide what game to play however it cannot be a game that has already been played and must be outside of the 7800 game list..meaning a A8 game or 2600 game or a jaguar game etc. Both players MUST agree on the game chosen.

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Oh, heck that's right! lol


Alright then... I challenge LidLikesIntellivision for 5 points at Double Dragon on the NES for high score!


I also would like to put out an open invitation, same as Lid has offered, to all players to challenge me throughout this season. If I have enough points to wager and it fits the rules, I will accept!

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