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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Barnstorming (Activision)


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You may recall a short time ago when I mentioned ‘style over substance’ in my Smurf Rescue review, sadly I think Barnstorming falls into such a category. Graphics-wise the game is absolutely stunning, the background with the mountains and the beautiful sunset, the foreground with the giant barns and windmills. The best looking thing in the game though is that bi-plane, the propeller spins and the pilots scarf whips around in the wind, it truly is a visual marvel. Sadly the gameplay for this one is pretty shallow; all you have to do is fly through the barns, and over the windmills as fast as possible, there is a bit of avoidance involved with the birds but they’re pretty easy to avoid. The game just gets boring after a while; all you do is fly through the barns and over the windmills rinse and repeat until you’re done. Of all the ‘Avoid-it’ games Activision put out I think Barnstorming is the weakest. Games like Grand Prix and Skiing are, in my opinion, better and more fun because they give you more options, more ways to approach the incoming obstacles; in Barnstorming you have one way to play the game and it gets boring. Barnstorming is still a fairly cheap game, I’m seeing copies on Ebay for five dollars or less, but I wouldn’t advise you to pick it up. Barnstorming goes to the Collector’s Zone for just being a shallow and boring game.

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