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Millionaire - winner of the ABBUC SW Contest 2018


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Me gustó mucho este juego y lo estoy disfrutando, por lo que me puse a la tarea de aprovechar el Custom Game Builder y hacer una versión en español, por ahora con un set básico de solo 124 preguntas, pero espero poder aumentar al menos a 400, les dejo el link para que la prueben y me cuenten…


I really liked this game and I'm enjoying it, so I set out to take advantage of the Custom Game Builder and make a Spanish version, for now with a basic set of only 124 questions, but I hope to increase to at least 400 , I leave the link for you to try and tell me ...



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Wouldn't the German version already contain ü, or is the selection of umlaut characters included specific for each language version due to limited number of characters like in good old ISO 646?


Yes, ä, ö, ü and ß are there and I used them for the german question set. However, if I remember correctly, I could use the umlauts, but they were counted as two letters... (like ae, oe, ue and ss). But even if my memory is wrong, the "check program" that counted/verified the number of chars. always counted more chars. than I did manually (but it looks like I cannot count anyways, I counted 500 german questions and the program says there are 547 of them)... ?!? So I had to shorten or abbreviate some questions to make them fit...


Would like to see a german only version (Millionaire with the german question set only on a 90k disk, if possible). Have not tried the Custom Game Builder yet, so I do not know, if I am able to do it myself and/or if it works under my ancient OS Win XP. To be fair, I only typed in the 500k and 1 million questions (approx. 40 or 50 questions) of the german version, all other questions were typed in by my wife Debora, who had some fun doing this. We are currently thinking about typing in more questions and thus doing a second german question set...

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After some tests, I think I found out, how the Millionaire Game Maker works - and it even seems to work under WIN XP. So here is a version with german question set only and 500 or 501 questions (you already know, I cannot count)... ;-)


Besides, my word program counted 551 questions saved as *.TXT (ASCII) and 550 questions saved as *.RTF (Rich Text Format) by simply counting the question marks and replacing them with exclamation marks (no clue why one text format has one more question than the other). I simply reduced them by 50 questions, so this version has either 500 or 501 questions and I already saved those 50 questions for a second question set... ;-)


I noticed one small thing, if you end with less than 1000 (Euro, Pounds, Dollars, etc.), then the english version displays "Unfortunately, you did not make it to the first milestone" on the screen. But this german only version does not display the equivalent message "Leider hast Du die erste Sicherheitsstufe nicht erreicht", instead it displays "MPG productions 2018" and after pressing a key it returns to the title screen (Millionaire)... maybe there is something wrong with the contents of the resource file res-de.txt... ?!?


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Here are updated disks and sources. List of changes:


  • fixed bug with 50:50 and audience voting ruled out answers
  • Abbuc version now has stereo support too (on stereo Ataris it plays L1 R2 R3 L4 channels)
  • Custom Game Builder now accepts input either plain text in cp1250 coding or Unicode texts (all text files has to be of the same type)
    • cp1250 encoging supports these characters: ASCII + §°€£„“áčďéěíňóřšťúůýžÁČĎÉĚÍŇÓŘŠŤÚŮÝŽäöüßÄÖÜĄĆĘŁŃŚŹŻąćęłńśźż (£ char must be represented by { char in source files)
    • Unicode supports all defined characters in game font: ASCII + §£€°„“áčďéěíňóřšťúůýžÁČĎÉĚÍŇÓŘŠŤÚŮÝŽäöüßÄÖÜľĺôŕĽĹÔŔ‘”¡µ¿ƒ¢ŸąćęłńśżźĄĆĘŁŃŚŹŻŒœÀÂÃÅÆÇÈÊËÌÎÏÐÑÒÕØÙÛÞàâãåæçèêëìîïðñòõøùûþÿ (script should report any other characters as unsupported)


Millionaire Abbuc version.atr


Millionaire Abbuc version.zip

Millionaire Custom Game Builder.zip

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Muy buenos días, comparto esta segunda versión en español del Juego. Incluye las siguientes mejoras:

  1. Se basa en la última versión del Millionaire Custom Game Builder publicado por MAPA el día de ayer
  2. Incluye una nueva pantalla de título en español gestión hecha por Giann Velasquesz
  3. Al set de preguntas compiladas por mí se le agrego un nuevo set proveniente de la traducción total del set original de la versión en ingles
  4. Se revisó la precisión y pertinencia de las preguntas en idioma ingles descartando las que no son de conocimiento latinoamericano
  5. Se corrigió la ortografía y codificación de totas las preguntas
  6. Esta versión tiene 149 preguntas de nivel uno, 138 de nivel dos, 129 de nivel tres y 67 de nivel cuatro para un total de 483 preguntas, siendo ahora esta versión en español la segunda en cantidad de preguntas después de la versión en alemán que tiene 547 preguntas



Good morning, I share this second Spanish version of the Game. It includes the following improvements:
It is based on the latest version of the Millionaire Custom Game Builder published by MAPA yesterday
Includes a new title screen in Spanish management by Giann Velasquesz
The set of questions compiled by me was added a new set from the total translation of the original set of the English version
The accuracy and relevance of the questions in the English language were reviewed, discarding those that are not of Latin American knowledge
The spelling and coding of all the questions were corrected
This version has 149 questions of level one, 138 of level two, 129 of level three and 67 of level four for a total of 483 questions, being this version in Spanish the second in number of questions after the German version that has 547 questions
Have fun


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Das ist ja wohl die Höhe!

google says that's unbelievable...

but I think it's the limit like it's right up there,.... the greatest... but that's just my take on it...

yeas I think it's the top most.

The tops!



okay enough of that... :)


With highest praise,

Doc Brown

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It would really be awesome if some Atari trivia guru(s) would create an 8-bit Atari Trivia Edition.


Hmmm, there are several A8 quiz games named "Trivia Quest"...

A quiz that is asking questions about Atari (Basic) programming, etc. might be "Atarivia":




But afaik, there is no quiz (or I simply do not know one) that only asks trivia questions about A8 hardware, software, people, programming, magazines, etc. But something like that could be typed in for Millionaire, e.g. 500 questions (in various difficulties) about Atari 8Bit...


- What is the name of the main character in [insert one of several game names here] ?

- What does [insert e.g. Pokey, Antic, GTIA, PIA, GAL, MMU, etc.) stand for ?

- How many colours does the A8 have in [e.g. Gr.9, Gr. 10, Gr. 11] ?

- How many luminances does the A8 have in [e.g. Gr. 9, Gr. 10, Gr. 11] ?

- etc.


Think the A8 FAQ by M.Current includes a lot of trivial A8 (100 - 1000), as well as specialized (2k - 250k) and difficult (500k and 1M) A8 information, that could be used for a quiz like Millionaire. And there is the Atarimania database that gives you a lot of information about games, programmers, musicians, graphicians and even some trivia which could be used in a quiz. But someone has to type in the questions... ;-)

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how about we keep this one as the classic edition using all the old rules and ways,

a new high stakes edition could be made at some other time with all the later aneurysm inducing high pressure stuff.

currently, the game is fun. Pressure cooker edition will be possible I am sure.

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I was waiting to play Millionaire with a few friends and that night happened at the weekend: I had the XEGS from the main TV with extended keyboard cable, comfy chairs, lights dimmed and we were away. We took one go each and then another, embarassingly I got a question wrong and got the "you are stupid" message which caused great hilarity :-D


Really good game MaPa and PG :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Despite the repeated questions it played really well in this format. You might consider a seqential option for the questions as well as the current random(?) setup. The only thing you might tweak is to make the delay before showing the correct answers a slightly longer random period to add more tension.


Playing individually was good and people felt the pressure to get it right and used the lifelines a lot. I don't think a timer is required, nobody took long to answer anything though I could see this might improve the game if you are playing alone.


Great work and I look forward to more question disks for some other evenings of ATARI :thumbsup:

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So take a stopwatch and make pressure on yourself ;)


LOL :)

Well I played quite a few games last night and it even managed to attract my 16 year old son to play quite a few games too. This is indeed where games like this shine...you need to play this with at least more than one person ;)


Really like the graphics...very well done and stylish...exaclty what is needed.


I also love the music, very nice POKEY rendition of the TV show music....it was quite a while ago when the show was last on Dutch TV so I didn't immediacy recognize it. Over here the program was called Lotto Weekend Millionairs because Lotto was the sponsor of the program.


And indeed.....after a few games I will admit the timer isn't really needed... ;)


The only "complaints" I have is seeing the same questions too often (I played the version from the ABBUC floppy to be honest) and the worst thing of all.....all the money I won is STILL not added to my bank account.....harumpf !

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