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Fall 2018 Knockout Tourney - Round 3 - Strike It !

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Fall 2018 Knockout Tournament

Round 3





Game Information

Game Name: Strike It !

Released by: CV: 1983 Bit Corp. - Telegames 1986.

Settings: Skill 1

CV HSC High Score: First time playing Strike It ! in the CV HSC.

Manual: http://cvaddict.com/manuals/strike-it.pdf


Round Ends: Tuesday October 29th at Noon (PST) 3pm (EST)


Rules are simple. Each week, the player with the lowest score is eliminated until one individual remains atop the carnage. Good Luck!


Final Strike It ! Scores
1)59,190 DuggerVideoGames Record Setter :-o
2)21,600 jblenkle
3)19,460 sega_SHARK
4)19,280 S.BAZ
5)18,870 ed1475
6)12,800 darthkur


8 Leto27 (Eliminated Round 2)
9)Ikrananka (Eliminated Round 1)




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8,910 Skill 1. Looks like me and Joe are tied for now. Not a bad game, with the right controller I suppose..What controller is everyone else using?


I'm using a Logitech gamepad. With the press of a button, you can switch between modes that let you use the analog sticks or the d-pad. I use the d-pad.



Edit: Have you tried different controllers on your Colecovision hardware? I remember you and Ed saying the roller controller was great for Kaboom; I'd assume that would be good for this game if it works for it.

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This is the controller I use. When playing a Colecovision emulator, I press the Mode button to make a light appear so I can use the d-pad; when playing NES games, the d-pad is default and you don't need to press that Mode button (unless you want to switch to the analog sticks).



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In my 34k run, I had six or seven animals (I think six, if I remember correctly); I also nailed every extra ball in the chance game. Getting those extra chances makes a huge difference, as I usually lose several lives on level six. I didn't last very long on the next level, and was surprised by how different it looks from the first six.

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59,190 pts.


Somebodys liking Strike It ! How many trolls, errr animals for that game?




Yes, this game's growing on me! I think I had 9 or 10. After level six, you don't see the indication in the bottom anymore telling you how many you have (the most they ever picture is six of them, anyway). Next time I start the game up, I'll pay attention to the points changing in regards to the animals. Obviously, hitting them with the ball nets you 500 points; however, I think it looked like you only get about 250 for catching them with your paddle instead of hitting them with the ball. Not 100% sure on this. Going to check it out in a few minutes.

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