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Replacement powercord for Odyssey 2


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Hey all,


I am working on getting my classic consoles back, I have about 20 boxed Odyssey 2 games that are in pretty good shape. I've been trying to find a matching powercord for my console. It got lost along the way.


The only ones I can seem to find is on ebay and they want $35+ for them... I think that is 2x times I paid for the whole console :(


Any other more "affordable" options for a powercord ? I just cant find anything affordable that hits the voltage needed.


Thanks !

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My O2 power supply says "output 11.5v"


this page:




...says the O2 can handle both types of power supply, 9v-14v and won't get wrecked. I often find random 12v power supplies that I bet would work.


That helps a lot, I had a picture of one trying to match it perfectly so it was not a good quest but, now that I see it's fairly flexable, I should be able to find one a LOT easier


I'm assuming it's not advised to use a not spec'd power supply for long term. It's going to go in a switched cabinet (so they are not always plugged in), I don't want to have it burn out the system 2-3 years from now.

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