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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - The one year anniversary of "Bubsy:The Woolies


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I wrote this to "Bubsy" on Twitter:

So above all, not bad. A year later Bubsy is still $19.99 for a used copy, and $29.99 for a new copy at Game Stop. The leaderboards on Steam and Playstation are still active. Woolies Strike Back may be a relatively easy game to get through, most can get through in a little more than an hour; however, moving up in the leaderboards requires skills and tricks that take much longer.

As any (good) game. Easy to learn, difficult to master. I think Woolies Strikes Back made for a game that learned from what people complained about. The shield shirt giving one hit is a great system around just giving Bubsy multiple hits (like in Bubsy 2).

The Bubsy on Twitter has chimed in from time to time on National Smile Day, Mother's Day, and during the Olympics. Mostly ads, but there was one time where someone asked if the voice work in Bubsy games could be better and "Bubsy" took slight offense asking basically "Would an artist change a master piece?" (Agreed Bubsy, though we try not to look at George Lucas and "Star Wars: A New Hope.) Thought it was hilarious.

A year ago I bought a Playstation 4 just for Bubsy, and competing on the leaderboards has had me jumping in every other day to squeeze out a few more points. Been fun. Bought Tempest 4000 on the PS4 and that game is quite amazing. Found that Golden Axe is in the Sega Genesis collection, and the Atari retro collection has a lot of fun games too. Not so sure about Raiden 5 looks too cartoony. But overall Bubsy sold me on the PS4 and I think it is, dare I say to my Atari 2600, Intellivision, and Jaguar... the PS4 is becoming my favorite system. I feel so dirty as a retro gamer.

And where Fractured Furry Tales on the Jaguar was my favorite Bubsy game, Woolies Strikes Back has pulled ahead. Someone finally beat me in the Fractured Furry Tales speedrun this year (after ten years) and I almost don't care. :P Been hacking 2600 games, one of which being the Bubsy hack of "Fast Eddie",helping with the Bubsy Bobcat fan Wiki and yes, Woolies Strikes Back. That among the usual laundry list of life's challenges which praise God have been progressive and positive.

So to BillionSoft/Accolade/Black Forest Games... thanks again for the latest installment of Bubsy. Made for a fun 2018 year!

(And looking forward to the next Bubsy game!)

- Doctor Clu

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