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I made the collision detection between the fly and the bee's stinger, but something was bothering me. Starting at screen 4, the fly suddenly got slower. I tried a few things that didn't work before I had an idea: "Why not call the moving part of the code twice in the slow areas?" I thought. So I did. And lo and behold it worked out well. The fly sped up. Which meant I had to speed up the bee since he was going slow since the fly was going slow. And now the game works well. But now I am out of ideas again.

As for a flyswatter idea, I don't think I can make a sprite big enough to resemble a flyswatter. I think the maximum size a sprite can be is 16x16. And even if I use two sprites to make one big one, it may slow down the game even more since I'd be moving three sprites instead of just two. And when would the flyswatter swat? Periodically? Randomly? And I don't want poor Frank to get squished, just hurt a little bit. Because if he gets squished, then he'd die and the game would be over. And the bug zapper idea is just the same as the spider web screen. Perhaps more ideas will come to me like the bee one.

But the one thing that bugs me (no pun intended) about the Pokemon Mini and some other consoles I dabble in is the lack of collision detection. Which means I have to make my own. But sometimes it works out better because in the case of the bee screen, Frank can be above the stinger, still touching the bee though, and not get stung.

I've been going to sleep at 11pm and getting up at 1pm lately. I know I don't need 14 hours of sleep, but I get so sleepy that I feel like I need to. And then I fall asleep. I could go back to sleep and sleep for like, 5 hours, now. It feels like I've been getting more sleep since I took that melatonin. I guess it helps me fall asleep, but then I sleep too much. If only there was a way I could cut my sleeping time in half and not be sleepy. And the thing about having more lucid dreams is true. Although my dreams were really lucid before. I really thought I wasn't dreaming but then I wake up and I was like, "Oh, that was all a dream."

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