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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Sky Jinks (Activision)


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Of all the ‘Avoid-it’ games I think I have the most experience with Sky Jinks, after my furious battle in last year’s HSC I can firmly say that Sky Jinks is one hell of a fun game. In essence Sky Jinks is a giant slalom; you must guide your little plane around the colored pylons whilst avoiding strategically placed obstacles. The graphics are rather plain, the only thing I thinks is worth noting is the shadow that your plane casts gets further away from you as you gain altitude, otherwise there isn’t very much to look at, actually the fact that the objects have shadows in general gives the game a more realistic air, I like it. I know many people think of Sky Jinks as a throwaway game, you know, the game you play a few times and put on the shelf to never think about again, but no… this is one hell of a fun game to get good at. This game is a controller snapper, when you’re really getting into it, just barely scraping the edges of your wings on the obstacles, getting as close as possible to a pylon just to shave a few milliseconds off your time, and when you get to the end and see that progression, if only by just a few milliseconds is so rewarding. I suppose you could say that about any of these ‘Avoid-it’ games, cutting it as close as possible just to get a slightly better time, or just to play a little bit longer is probably one of the greatest feelings one can achieve. Just one more turn, just one more try…

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