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So I read the Wikipedia entry on DVD and I still have a few questions.

I've been making an animated cartoon series. I have a DVD set of an old cartoon that used to be on Saturday mornings. It has each season on DVD. Each season is 13 half-hour long episodes. Not only that, it has bonus content on it. I did the math. (13 x .4, for 20 minutes) That's 5.2 hours. Add in the bonus content and it's about 6 hours on each disc. Reading the article, it says that the commercial DVDs are DVD-ROMs. So what is the limit for a DVD-ROM? How many hours/minutes can one hold? That datum is mysteriously missing on the page.

And even so, why can't any commercially-available DVD-R blank disc hold that much? And if it can, why doesn't any DVD-making program do that much? My DVD-making program can only put an hour on one DVD. Do I need to get another DVD-making program? Is there one that can handle as much data as a DVD-ROM?

OK, I have too many question marks in this entry so I'll stop now. I've been sleeping most of the day. I haven't been working on Frank today. Instead I've been working on my cartoon. My version of Windows Movie Maker (2.6) keeps freezing. It must be because I have Windows 10. Since I do the voices for it (and everything else) and the shortest time between frames is 0.7 seconds, I have to talk kind of slow since I can't make the mouths move much in a few seconds. My life-long goal is to make enough cartoons for a season. Since I'm only one guy. So far I'm working on my fourth "episode", and each one is about 7 minutes long.

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