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On March 26, 2018, I posted the following message to the BallyAlley Yahoo group:

Is anyone interested in having a programming contest for the Astrocade?

My ideas:

1) Program in machine language or BASIC
2) Short programs for a start
3) Program of any kind (game, demo, music, video art, etc).
4) Prize? I've no idea.

Does anyone want to give this a go?



David Dibbern responded with:

My skills were fair back in The day, but I would be interested in a retro port contest. A contest to make any retro arcade game that was not already done for the Bally, ported over . I would even pay pal $10 for starting a prize fund for this. We could get some cool retro games that we wanted to see ported but didn’t ever make it to the Astrocade



Thomas Burtell said:

This would be very interesting! Programming has changed so much over the years and we all have gotten better.

I'm focusing on other stuff right now, but I'd definitely like to see this Bally-battle. It's like what they do on StackExchange with "Code Golf". You have to write the tightest code with the minimal of resources.

... back to lurking.



Is anyone here on AtariAge interested in a programming contest for the Astrocade, either in BASIC or machine language?



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I would be interested in learning how to code games in assembly language for the Astrocade. Is there a forum or wiki somewhere where there are tutorials or even a series of tutorial similar to Andrew Davies "Atari 2600 Programming 101" but for the Astrocade?


There isn't a how-to like the Atari 2600 "101" series for the Astrocade. The closest thing we've got right now is probably the links provided in the pinned topic right here in the AtariAge forums:




By coincidence, Dave Turner is currently writing a tutorial series on how to use his disassembly of GORF to make changes to that arcade game. While his tutorial is about GORF, it is tied pretty directly to the Astrocade via GORF's commonalities of the custom chips.



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