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Biniax1.2 port for Lynx


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Hallo everybody, this is my first post.


About a week ago I decided to learn Lynx coding, and after setting up the toolchain on an ubuntu virtual machine I made a lot of experiments.


My goal is to port one of the Retroguru games, and I'm at good point in making their platform engine to work, but I'll need some time to master the build of a lynx cart for a project of big dmensions.


So to make experience with the new toolchain I decided to make quick port of a smaller game and opted for Biniax v1.2.


Attached there is the alpha version of the game. To finsh the game I need to tune the font that I made for the game, add some fancier background and add musics & sfx (alredy have a working tune made with Chipper, but the instruments need fixing, they sound so bad in the emulator respect at design time with chipper), but the game is already fully playable.


Usually I try to solve problems on my own (luckily there are a lot of informations on this forum) but if I find a big problems I'll ask your help.


When the game will be finished I'll release the sources too. Meanwhile every feedback on this small project is welcome.




Update: final release here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/288541-biniax12-port-for-lynx/


Preview version (v0.1)



Release version (v0.2)


post-66453-0-62722000-1542024032.png post-66453-0-07927700-1542024038.png

biniax1.2 - Lynx Port v0.1.zip

biniax1.2 - Lynx Port v0.2.zip

biniax1.2 - Lynx Port v0.3.zip

biniax1.2 - Lynx Port v0.3 - src.zip

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Hi and welcome! Nice puzzle game you've got going on. Hope you will enjoy developing on the Lynx. :waving:


*edit Retroguru is a nice concept/project, very nice porting all of those games to different old systems! The Lynx could really use some more platformers and 'action-games' in my opinion, I'm pretty sure that my next game will be a simple platformer of some sort.

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Added v0.2 to the OP.


Decided to not add a music for the game, only for the title screen. Instrument used fo music and SFX aren't so great, but without a real lynx for testing sound dosn't make senso spendin more time with them.


There is still a problem with the music, that plays bad returning to main screen after a game. It's related to using SFX. Have to study better the sound handling.

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  • 3 months later...

Since Xump is halted waiting for new graphics, decided to come back to biniax and make it a little better.


In the OP added v0.3 that fixes sound problems and have a background music during gameplay (converted a mod taken from biniax 2).


It's only a small change, but I'm going to add other things, like pause game, rotate screen, better graphics, better menu screen music, other sfx and (maybe) a two players mode using comlynx (next thing I have to study).


As promised, I added the sources too, with chipper files for musics and sfx.

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I got to give it a try tonight... Cool music and other effects (the wiggle/shake)...


I must admit that I had never heard of this game before (?!?), so for folks like me, some intro screen or help screen on the game mechanics would be great.


(I found it here on Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biniax)


As to game mechanics, it could be cool to have the speed pick up as you advance... I just stopped around 3700 points...


The a button taking you back to the title screen feels a bit drastic... Perhaps ask to confirm you want to quit that round?

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Already added header infos and fixed some other things. But the gameplay is unchanged.


Probably I'll port Biniax 2, the code is almost the same, the only difficult part is adapting the graphic to the lynx small screem. Biiax 2 has some game improving that make the difficult increasing in the game and make two player mode not trivial.


I'm going to post the final version of Biniax 1.2 in the general version, like suggested by LordKraken


Hope you lke the remake of the tunes.

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