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Flimbo's Quest (WIP)


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Work in progress - all missing stuff wil be in the final version (even sprite count). We hope you like it!

Party alpha version in attachment (2 levels, not all monsters, not all logic - all will be there).

Don't mind RAM requirement (it's about 370kb) - it was done for party version. Final destination is 130xe/256kb or stock atari xl/xe + cartridge (same as C64 version)




pzZqoqX.png EjImefs.png


BkjuqSz.png nHSxvOk.png


OArC5E9.png zrvbm7F.png







.doc file from party:


Alpha version of our new production.
Its our special gift to all Atari fans!
Code: Laoo, Solo
Music: Miker
Hardware requirement for the party version:
- Atari XL/XE with 512kB
Known issues:
- 512kB RAM requirement (going to be 130XE or 256kB)
- the game may crash at level 1 near left ladder
- glowing special monster can be different than the one from bottom UI
- not all monsters are spawning yet
- playfield artifacts here and there
In final version:
- more sprites on screen
- all levels
- all enemy monsters
- all missing logic
- all bugs fixed ;)
- less requirement for memory (130XE or 256kB)
Special thanx:
tebe for a great atari MADS assembler
jac! for a great atari WUDSN IDE
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Attachments ? Where ?

It feels like April Fool's day.


There is only "Highway Encounter" the rest is hot air. But, Highway Encounter is nicely done, at least.


If people only were pushing the Atari with possible stuff, investing the same amount of time, we possibly had a working Wolf 3D now, instead of a non finishable game demo.

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load the XEX he posted already ! NICE!


once this is finished


A future goal would be If taking to 256 or 320k is brutal a cartridge version could alleviate that. or even be used to enhance or add on.

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sorry, the attachment failed, temporary download location:



please dont mind all bugs/missing stuff! : o we wanted to have stable version for SV2018.


full version will be avaiable in few months.


REALLY impressive work! Looking forward to more.

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So this isn't by you ?



its not ours. its easy.

try with 6 x 12 x 21 (24) soft sprites, logic, music , all one frame etc


our engine is busy but is still not finished. verticality?


generally we have revisited (again) how to approach stuff like that on a8. the code is multithreaded (cpu + 2 "cores") to handle all the data that need to be visible at the current viewport keeping everything stable. laoo/ng did the fcking mission imposible (like really). We will try to provide more info about it if people want to know (the boring stuff).

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Just wanna say: "Emkay at his best and please don't give up. 3d and GR.7 are not what A8 can do and people want".


To say "The game is working with just the half of "moving objects" on the screen. What to say?

Possibly I'd need to drink the same amount of Wodka (or what they drink) , to get to the logik, that it will be possible to add 50% more moving objects on the screen , AND to reduce the memory usage to a quarter... The lucky part in the "Demo" is that the objects only move horizontally, same with scrolling.


At least it is the most advanced demonstration of a not possible game.


But I have to admit, the music is very good. Most advanced yet, well done.

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I for one am pretty sure the Guys will deliver full version they promised, if it started 3 months ago, there's no reason for doubt of further optimization and improvements.


The name of the group is New Generation, maybe Emkay isn't new enough generation-wise to believe it's possible to have game like that on 8-bit Atari? ;-)

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I'd rather prefer base standard version, very close to C64 original.

Any tweaks to palette being optional mode/version, not the only one.

One thing that frustrated me in the past was 1st level requiring only 3 letters to collect, while it was beautiful gfx-wise ;-)

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Possibly I'd need to drink the same amount of Wodka (or what they drink) , to get to the logik, that it will be possible to add 50% more moving objects on the screen.


or "possibly" you are just full of shit amateur.


the engine is capable to render 5 of 6 needed c64 objects already, disabled for party due to beeing unstable


but again, why I need to explain myself to dude like you.

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You have to excuse Emkay,, he was born with 666 on his head and a deep hatred of humanity :)



Just played the demo...WOW....That is Flimbo's all right and its looking and sounding superb!


Some great announcements of all sorts today and all brilliant, as a gamer I have to say Flimbo cuts the mustard as we Brits sometimes say, its a great great port.


For a WIP its very polished, sure some rips here and there but its so good already...Hopefully you will remove the cheat mode from later versions, can't have people seeing the later screens too early :)


As a player of the C64 version I'm in awe of this recreation...Thank you Solo...

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