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Flimbo's Quest (WIP)


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On 7/15/2023 at 5:20 PM, miker said:

It always 'crashes' for me using Altirra. Tried PAL and it then window opens to change to NTSC, start in 64KBs then it says to change to 320KBs (only option there), start also in 128KBs,...

It always shows many white large squares/lines going up and flicker on the screen. Thought it was some 'starnge kind of' decompressing so I waited some time but no way.


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Well, the filesize is 203K and since it ist NOT a cart., how should it work with 64K or 128K ?


Loaded it with Atari 800 Win, PAL and 1088K and it loaded  fine. But do not really know what to do. Killed dozens of figures, collected dozens of coins and there seems to be nothing new. Looks like RTFM case to me... :-)

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8 minutes ago, Beeblebrox said:

Works fine on my install of Altirra, PAL. By default I leave my settings at 1088. I'll try and run it with 320k and see what happens.


I'll check the settings and which bios is installed when I get home later.

That's it. Only works in 1088KBs.



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