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Bad Apple HD Demo by Lucy, MotionRide and JAC!


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After 5 years of hard work I'm extremely proud to present what we've just released at Silly Venture 2k18.

  • requires The!Cart and a datasette
  • works on unexpanded Atari 400 with 16k RAM or higher machine
  • works on both PAL and NTSC machines, PAL recommended
  • only uses passive ROMs and standard tapes, no external CPU, microcontroller etc.
  • 384 x 232 pixels, full overscan display
  • 50 frames per second, dynamically adapted on NTSC
  • real voice audio from the "educational soft" left tape channel
  • additional intro and outro part resulting in 5:35 total runtime
  • 177 MB of raw video compressed to 41 MB of video using unique ANTIC hardware compression
  • 29 MB uncompressed 16-bit PCM audio recorded on the tape

After 5 years of working on Bad Apple it was finished in September and then I had the idea to add the intro and outro. The past 6 weeks with Lucy and MotionRide made this the best this for me personally since I've created Silly Things and RGBA. The main part is it not important for me anymore - the intro and outro and the love that work that went into it are what make this an achivement for me personally.






- The first person who can name the reference on the final screen will get a free beer from me

- I plan to make actual tapes available via Retronics.
- Additional The!Carts can be ordered soon.
- A version with POKEY instead of tape is on the todo list, not sure it'll work out.




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Haha, glad you made it ! The video tresholding is so so, but at least it has stars at the beginning, which is important. And the audio sync is perfect. Good job !


As for the reference, I have nothing :-)


Edit: after PG's objection I checked the audio again, and I must say the sync is not perfect, it's exactly 2 beat off where I checked it (where the music band appears), so it seemed ok. Still it's pretty good considering the method used :-)

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*edit* your kidding me, while I get the video and post where it is you just text it out ahead of me!


Haha, I didn't realized I had put the solution already in the upload for the site. Anyway congratulations, I'm happy some people recognize it. Please PM your address, you'll receive your deserved prize, or two :-)

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So cool. The audio channel I thought was a cool underutilized feature bitd. And so much power able to be unleashed now with lots of RAM/ROM.


Curious the purpose of waiting to load 3 data blocks from the tape at the beginning? If it is just for audio sync, couldn't it be done with 1 ?


Or.. Use beeps in the data channel to sync to like the intoduction to programming.


Just curious the logic. If there are no plans for Uno/Ultimate cart compatibility maybe I'll have to get a The!Cart after all :)

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Curious the purpose of waiting to load 3 data blocks from the tape at the beginning? If it is just for audio sync, couldn't it be done with 1 ?


Or.. Use beeps in the data channel to sync to like the intoduction to programming.


Yes, the main purpose is to sync the audio. And of course to get the attention of the 200 people on the hall when they think "W.T.F. is going on" :-)

In the final version I will use the time between the inter recording gaps (IRG) to determine the actual speed of the tape, because every drive is a little different as it turned out.


I have spent almost 1 year to get the beeps on the data channel work reasonably. But the channel separation on must drives is do bad, you'd either head the high pitch noise or the audio would intefere with the data, or both. Therefore I finally decided to leave that out and instead time the whole thing by hand for now and get it released. And that was hard beause an error of less then 1% accumulates to several seconds when you play 14854 frames at 50 Hz.


Regarding the other carts, I don't have any of them. A real final for The!Cart is the foremost priority.

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I do wonder if you have considered any other animation to use as source material - because with 5 years gone by - new animation videos have appeared?


Or possibly consider something from any movie that could be usable - that may be of special interest to the Atari community? Though it will have to be of suitable parameters so as to end up being watchable after the port/conversion process...


What you have done - is of course technically brilliant - and of a quality - not many would expect to be doable.



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How many times can you watch 'Bad Apple' before you tire of it?

Of course it is not easy to find something that marries the video with music so well?


Even harder to find something that can go through the conversion/downgrade process - that ends up being still nice to watch - at the end of it.


Fractal animation needs the high res - and the lot of colours present - maybe someone can remember so really nice computer animation done

on some high end system (BiTD) that could be a candidate?



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Don't worry I understand the question. Thing is, this one is basically black & white. So it's in reach. Also I wouldn't do my version, if I wasn't infected so bad with the song. Even after hearing it 1000 times during the music conversion, I still like it. But at least the edge is a bit dulled. And there is also this rivalry .. to do it better, different, but still the same, so it can be compared.

I don't see other animation coming up any time soon to stir the same interest.

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