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Atari disk data visualizer


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Michael Sternberg created an amazing Atari disk data visualizer. It shows which of the disk’s tracks contains data.


Charles Mangin first did something like this for the Apple II. I thought of the idea of making an Atari version, and Michael ran with it.


The visualizer is a bash shell script that calls the ImageMagick convert and montage tools. The code is on github: https://github.com/michaelsternberg/atrviz


It hasn't been tested yet on enhanced or dual-density ATR disk images.

Here's an example disk of the output:
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do it anyway you might do something special or better...


I don't know if I'd call it special, maybe 'more flexible'.


As Nezgar pointed out, no track gap or sector skew, but then, this isn't a real flux visualisation.





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