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Unwritten rules


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You opened by asking what behaviors lead to your being blocked from various discussion threads, and you've proceeded to answer your own question by demonstrating more of those same bad behaviors here. Your long-winded word salads seem to be written without any consideration of whether they are useful, relevant, or helpful to the readers (and they are also consistently sprinkled with atrocious spelling errors). This only wastes the readers' time and clutters discussions that would otherwise be productive and on-topic, which is not good forum etiquette. Others have tried to offer constructive feedback, both here and elsewhere, but you've repeatedly shown that you are not receptive to it; instead, you push back with counter-arguments and excuses, or else you start making demands or flinging accusations against longtime members. You've also issued thinly-veiled threats (which have since been deleted) to the moderators and admins, and we do not appreciate that in the least.


This thread can serve no further purpose.

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