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Fatso 2


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Interesting. I ate a bunch of stuff. Am I trying to eat everything and let nothing get by? Good start.



I've also been working on this as well. It's technically a game now, with mouth, food, lives, and purple (or in the Odyssey2 palette, pink) pickles to avoid. I'm making a game like Fast Food here. Press ACTION to start. Any suggestions?


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I was trying to do something that was taking a long time and it made me angry and made my eye hurt. I went back to work on it today and it took at least 5 or 6 hours to do, but I finally did it. Presenting a mint. Eating the mint nets 20 points, because it makes your mouth minty fresh, and you need some after all that junk food you've been eating. I don't know why it took 2 days' worth of coding, but oh well.



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Your goal is to avoid the pink pickles. You can let food go by. I spent an evening updating and rewriting the game's mint getting code and I can now make the time between mints as long or as short as I want. I think in this version the mint comes along too infrequently though, perhaps I should make it more? What do you think?



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