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Atari 8-Bit Computer Gift Guide


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I would love to have an SIO2SD. I have also been wanting a SOPHIA board.

I just purchased both of these over the past few months. That’s why I have a hard time with these lists. I guess it helps me realize what I’m going to purchase next? Edited by adamchevy
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I personally want a 1200XL, because I've never owned one. My dad did for about a week in 1983, and then he returned it when he ran into compatibility issues with it (and then bought an 800XL that he used for many years).


As for gift ideas, I'll throw in just about ANY complete-in-box game for the 8-bit, because has anyone seen what's happened on eBay lately?! I'll never stop kicking myself for letting go of the ones I had 20 years ago. I feel like it's gotten significantly worse in the past 12 months.

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I hope you understand that a monitor with 50hz support is absolutely no guarantee for sophia to work... there is a lot more to it.



Yes I do. There is a reason I am still using a UAV and a S/VHS to VGA converter. If I wish to upgrade my 1088XEL I have to get a new monitor too, and none of the 'reasonably priced' monitors/TV's here will work, that makes the upgrade too expensive just now, it will have to wait. But that wasn't the point of this list

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Already been done. Look here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/99557-the-1450xld-fake-thread/


PBI has also been done as well.


Thanks, I already knew about Beetle's machine. I was watching the thread when it first appeared in 2006.


To be more specific, what I mean is to create something that can be produced in quantity.


Also, Beetle's doesn't have the PBI port; but we'll let it go in his case (pun). ;)

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