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I bought an X-Eye but it won't read discs


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I got a great deal on it and was really excited to finally play Popful Mail on a real Genesis, but no such luck. It wouldn't read discs at all, not even audio CDs. Cartridges work fine. So I did a lot of reading online and decided to buy a new laser for it, an Optima 6S. When I changed them and put in an audio CD it worked great, and I started loading a Sega CD game and it was working, played the intro, then froze. Reset it, couldn't read the disc. Couldn't read the audio CD any more either, did something burn it out that fast? Decided to recap it and spent the day doing that, no change though. I'm a bit worried that the previous owner screwed around with the laser pots trying to get it to work and got them all out of adjustment. Really not sure where to go from here other than just put it on ebay and hope I can at least break even after buying all the parts. I'm guessing someone with some knowledge and an oscilloscope needs to adjust everything. Any suggestions?

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Yes, I checked the switch and it is working fine. The disc spins up and it tries to read it for a while but gives up. The new laser seemed to work great for the first few minutes and then stopped reading completely so I'm afraid something may have burned it out, maybe the power is set too high on it or something.

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