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Name these Games!


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...and get a loose cart of "Pitfighter" for the Lynx! Yes, here's your chance to become the proud owner of one of the worst releases put out by Atari in the '90s!


the Quiz:


I have before me three game instruction booklets for three 8-bit computer games. The first person to correctly name all three games gets the prize!


1. "High-performance racing at its best



Now's your chance to prove you've got the nerve and skill to be a professional race car driver as you pit yourself against the clock and the competition -- the world's top high-performance Formula 1 racers.


Start out with a Practice Run. Here you have the track all to yourself to test the acceleration, shifting, and steering of your car. Then it's time for the qualifying run. Oncce you've qualified, the real race begins."


2. "Dateline: 1999.




The nations of Earth have finally agreed on a world peace plan.


But a power-hungry rabble of military malcontents won't go for it. Instead, the've [sic] sent out armies of robot-driven weapons bent on winning world power for themselves. These lethal machines will turn Earth into a lifeless landscape--unless you can defeat them!


The only defensive weapons left on Earth are vintage military tanks. They are your only hope for searching out the enemy weapon machines and destroying them -- before they destroy you!"



3. "The ancient city of ______, a city beneath the sea, a civilization greater than any the world has ever seen...


One day a low drone is heard throughout the ocean metropolis. Then the stars go out. Gorgon vessels fill the sky, pounding the city mercilessly..."

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