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Dimension X by Americana load error from tape


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Thanks Fred etc, as Baktra said, Altirra handles tapes really well now ie properly checked so it seemed weird they didn't load..


They do need a change as anyone using emulation may get them running on an old version or on Atariwin but will the game play properly if its ignoring errors..Unlikely...

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Some nice (but maybe redundant) info about "Dimension X" tape by Americana:


- the tape has two stages

- stage 1 = bootloader (tape-bootfile)

- stage 2 = program => a standard COM/XEX/EXE file


One can simply copy the COM-file to diskette and load it from there with a gamedos.

Approx. 10 tapes (from over 500 tested) use a bootloader and a COM-file, e.g.:


- New Adventures of Laura (Retronics) (!)

- Daylight Robbery (Atlantis) (!)

- Periscope up (Alternative) (!)

- Pothole Pete (Atlantis) (!)

- Spooky Castle (Atlantis) (!)

- Pole Position (Atari 1983) (!)

- Dimension X

- Zero Wars (Byte Back, stages 3+4)

- Chicken Chase (Bug Byte, stages 2+3)

- Decision in the Desert (Microprose, stage 2)


(!) means, these tapes use the well-known exclamation-mark bootloader...

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- New Adventures of Laura (Retronics) (!)

(!) means, these tapes use the well-known exclamation-mark bootloader...


The New Adventures of Laura game is using the STDBLOAD 2a loader, not the exclamation mark loader. Both loaders display the exclamation mark on screen. STDBLOAD 2a does it by purpose, the exclamation mark loader does it as a glitch.

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