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PlayCable - rising from the ashes demonstration


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RonTheCat and I are back with a demo of our latest project, the PlayCable Phoenix:


With the help of dave1dmarx, carlsson, hoalst, Splurge and intvnut, we have put together a way of breathing new life into a PlayCable and providing a flavour of what it was like to use in 1983. If you're interested we will be posting more about how the PlayCable and the Phoenix work over in the Programming Forum.

And if you fancy getting that March '83 feeling for yourself, here is a ROM that can be used with JzIntv. It won't try to load or play games (that would be a programming miracle in 3K), but it should provide a sense of what the PlayCable menu was like to use:



Anyway, got to get back to sorting out Ron's KC tape drive...



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I noticed the same thing lmao , but looking at which way the handle is facing it could be a chore taking a sip of that coffee and Baileys... ;)


Well, I'm left handed so no issues there. ;) If there is enough interest, perhaps the mug should be put up for sale. :lol:


PlayCable Phoenix is a great name for this project. However, this ad has ruined the word phoenix for me...


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The GUI is great. Very easy to load ROM. Great job


I am also into radio Shack computers. I wrote a menu program for the flash cart on that system. I just don't know enough about INTY programming to tackle a menu for the Intellivision


Here is the menu I made for the radioshack color computer flash cart



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