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2018 - 2019 7800 HSC Season Round 4 & 5:T:ME SALVO & ROBOTRON 2084


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2018 - 2019 7800 HSC Season Round 4&5






ROBOTRON 2084: Default

T:ME SALVO: Your choice of Standard or 2 Stick

Contest Ends Midnight (PST)

January 13th 2019

Bonus Setting ROBOTRON2084:Expert

With the Holidays coming up I am going to be extremely busy as will you be soo I chose to combine two rounds into one

We will be utilizing the Challenge Setting in ROBOTRON 2084 for all CHALLENGES this round.

Special Note for Challenge play...you can post as many scores as you care to for Challenges just like round and bonus scores.

I am also allowing 10 points to be wagered this round.


Current Scores

T:me Salvo:

Dr Moocowz 12,840

S.BAZ 12,220

oyamafamily 8,600

NIKON 6,540

jblenkle 720

Robotron 2084:

S.BAZ 1,286,750

NIKON 1,103,475

oyamafamily 643,575

roadrunner 273,950

Dr Moocowz 268,375

jblenkle 20,400

Bonus Scores:

S.BAZ 239,475

NIKON 122,100

Dr Moocowz 68,250

oyamafamily 39,800

BydoEmpire 36,600

Challenge Scores:

Current Standings:

Dr Moocowz 96


toiletunes 91

oyamafamily 72

BydoEmpire 47

atomickneedrop 43

Jin 36

S.BAZ 36

LidLikesIntellivision 36

jblenkle 19

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I can help out for a wihile - if it is ok for the community



former 7800 HSC-mod

That would be a great help.



Just checked Nikon's user page and he doesn't log in since January, 13!

I hope he's ok, he never took such a long time out of AA and he went away in the middle of the season.

I'm worried about him.

Edited by LidLikesIntellivision
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