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So I wanted to take a break from Castle of Doom a little. I spent a few hours creating this. It's a proof-of-concept for a game. Right now It's kind of like Entombed, but I want it to make it different than that. Most of the few hours was making the scrolling work correctly. It kept showing the title screen even though I had scrolled down to make the first level. But I think I fixed that part. Right now you press FIRE to start the game and the joystick to move the man around. The object is to get to the bottom of the screen. When you do, the screen will scroll up revealing line after line a new screen for you to navigate through. The passageway placement is random. So, what do you think?


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I like how your program scrolls. Would you mind posting the .bas or a text file? I'm interested I. How you did that. I'm working on a scrolling program at the link below. I think your code would help me get closer to what I want to make next. Basically a level that is left and right scrolling. Then another level up and down scrolling, thanks.




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I cleaned the walls up and changed a couple of things.

2600 limitations made me think of gameplay. What you want to do is shoot all the enemies on the screen before you can make it to the next one. There will be different types of enemies. Some will shoot, some won't, etc.




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Added an enemy that you can shoot at. The enemy can shoot back, but it'll only do so if you're around. The enemy is a cyan square now since I haven't designed it yet. The enemy will go away when the guy exits the screen and reappear somewhere randomly on the screen. There's no health or dying yet.


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Back on this again. Stuff I changed:

+ added a nifty (in my opinion) title screen song

+ fixed scanline count issues

+ added lives. If you get to 0 and die, the game resets.


Stuff still left to do:

+ add levels. The more you get in the game, the harder it gets. Ideas on how to do this, anyone?


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FINALLY got what I wanted to do. When you get 7 points, instead of a maze, it turns into a hall. This lets you know you've reached the end of that stage and are about to go on to another one. I think the way I can make it increase in difficulty is to make it a multi-setting game (like Gorf, for example), where there's different things for you to do. If you get past 7 points, the game goes crazy and keeps scrolling because I haven't told the game what to do when you reach that point yet.


4mula8.bas.bin 4mula8.bas

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